Who We Are

A Humble Beginning :

Like most journeys to find something new, our's began with a need to find a healthy and drug-free substitute for everyday health issues of ourselves and our loved ones. Our focus was to find herbal and natural remedies to our everyday problems and health issues. This is when we started to come across the benefits of essential oils in relieving stress, anxiety, treating skin conditions and many other health issues. Thus began an arduous journey of buying and sampling hundreds of essential oils from a plethora of different manufacturers. We quickly discovered that the essential oils available in the market today are full of artificial fragrances, parabens, adulterants and other additives. It quickly became evident that there are only two options available to the consumer today. Either go with cheap and adulterated line of essential oils that can do more harm than good or to go with really big brands that can burn a hole in their pocket. And thus, to bridge the divide between these two choices “The Natures therapy was born". We are committed to provide 100% naturally sourced and chemical free essential oils at a realistic and affordable price for everyone.